Brian Gracie: CityBizList’s Interview
October 27, 2021

Heritage Founder and Financial Advisor Brian Gracie was interviewed for CityBizList’s CEO Interviews by none other than Heritage Financial Planner, Tom Spray-Fry. During his interview Brian provides great insight on his journey and Heritage Financial Consultants from the last 20 years.

Listen in or read Brian’s ainterview as he reflects on his personal and Heritage’s journey over the last 20+ yeras and pays credit for the workers who inspired him over the years. The Interview ranged from Brian telling his story of how he got into the financial investment planning world, to how the industry has evolved over time, to Heritage’s culture, year-end planning benefits and who has inspired Brian to help get him to where he currently is.

Brian Gracie:

What sets Heritage apart: For a quarter-century, Heritage has made a positive impact on the lives of their clients, their families and their businesses, through innovative solutions and education. Can you please explain for the audience what sets Heritage Financial apart from others when it comes to helping each client with their own personalized financial planning?

Ways the Industry Has Evolved: Your career in the financial industry has spanned over 30 years – in what ways have you seen it evolve and how have you adapted to changes and trends to stay on the cutting edge?

The culture: Year in and year out, Heritage Financial continues to be honored as one of the Top Places to Work. The motto of “Work Hard. Play Hard. Make a Difference” rings true every day… Talk about the culture at Heritage Financial and why you think the organization is so special.

Year-End Planning: Turning our attention to another topic important to individuals: Year End Planning. There’s emphasis on ROI, but there’s so much more to it with regard to estate planning. Explain to the audience why this is important and in what ways do you personally help clients prepare for this each year? Has this process evolved over time?

Charitable Interests: As we wrap up our conversation Brian… You are a big advocate for charitable interests in the Baltimore area and quite active in your spare time with the Franciscan Center, Catholic Charities of Baltimore and through the Baltimore branch of The First Tee, which is an inner-city Baltimore program, devoted to building character and teaching young people respect through a favorite hobby of yours, golf, in different city neighborhoods. It’s clear you’re deeply connected to the community and through your faith. Talk to us about this important aspect and how that balances you?

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