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Heritage is a Wealth 3.0* firm that understands true wealth is about the well-being of the family, not just financial capital. Our partnership with Total Family Management is a testament to our commitment to this philosophy, and it all begins with Family Vision—consisting of purpose, values, and most importantly, roles.

That’s why we’ve tailored our approach to ensure that your wealth strategy is not merely a financial plan, but a reflection of your family’s vision and well-being. This holistic strategy is our commitment to you, ensuring your wealth is as resilient and adaptable as the family it supports.

Join us at Heritage, where your family’s direction is charted with precision, care, and an understanding that true wealth is the sum of all its parts— past, present, and future.

*Jaffe, Dennis T., James Grubman, and Kristin Keffeler. *Wealth 3.0: The Future of Family Wealth Advising*. Family Wealth Consulting, 2023.


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