Brian Gracie: iHeart Media’s CEO’s You Should Know Interview
January 13, 2022
Heritage Founder and Financial Planner Brian Gracie was recently interviewed by iHeartMedia’s John Dinkel for CEO’s You Should Know. The interview helped provide great insight on multiple topics such as the history of Heritage, the culture of the company, responding to adversity during the pandemic, and much more.

iHeartMedia Baltimore has introduced this program feature as part of their commitment to the communities we all serve and showcasing businesses and their leaders who are positively making an impact in the regional area. During the interview, Brian talks about the beginnings of Heritage Financial and how the organization has grown over time to become one of the largest independent financial services and wealth management firms in the state of Maryland, further extending reach with offices in five other states. Brian also discussed how Heritage’s motto, “Work hard, play hard and make a difference” and the company culture, translates not only to making a difference with clients but in the community as well and much more.

Read below for snippets of Brian’s answers from his appearance or listen to the full interview at the link below.

Where do you see the most growth for Heritage in 2022 and beyond?: “We’re seeing growth in all of our markets. We are spending a lot of time working with families doing multi-generational planning, reviewing and updating their planning with proposed changes to tax laws, and things that may or may not occur. We’re spending a lot of time working with business owners on succession planning. Which could be their family transfer, sale of a business, and assisting them to make sure the business is ready to go to market. We also have done a lot with corporate executives.”

How much of the business is personal as opposed to working directly with CEO’s?: “The majority of our business is focused on corporate executive, business owners, and high network families. We offer corporate services for retirement plans, and benefits but most of our planning is one on one at a business level.”

Tell us more about your Personal Background?: “I started in college as an intern to work for a family friend Jim Morgan. I have never actually interviewed for a job; and have been self-employed since 1989. The first ten years of my working career I was completely on my own.  I realized a sole advisor by themselves could only get so far. So, we’ve built this organization to try and provide a better service to the client. The infrastructure we built benefits both advisors and clients.”

To listen to the full interview with Brian Gracie, click Here