Julian Grubbs Big Picture Podcast Appearance
December 15, 2021

Heritage Financial Planner Julian Grubbs recently joined the Big Picture Advisor Podcast for a conversation involving himself and three other Financial Planners, who are also newer in the industry, for an insightful interview on the next generation of financial planners and how the digital age ties into it all.

During the episode, Julian discusses a range of topics, taking listeners through his background in the retail world and how that career helped him transition into the financial realm, along with the advice he’s received professionally so far as he learns the ins and outs of financial planning. Julian offers sound strategies for someone looking to make this their career, how he has grown professionally since joining the ranks a few years ago and how he’s best positioned himself for success.

Read below for snippets of Julian’s answers from his appearance or listen to the full episode at the link below.

On what drew Julian in about this industry and the catalyst that caused the change: “For me, I am very similar to the other guys in the fact that I do have a family member in the business; it’s actually my mother, but, a little different in the fact that I never really considered joining the industry until I had spent so much time in a corporate structure, a big box retail store. I was very successful at a young age, in a corporate America, and I got to a point where I was no longer helping people. Helping people has always been that driving force for me that made me successful and made me feel good about what I was doing within my job.

So, after deciding to leave that corporate structure, I really wanted to make sure I was still focused on helping people and my mom was actually able to sit me down and demonstrate how completing financial plans for clients really truly helps them in a large number of ways. And all of our efforts that goes into our clients plans and implementing their plans, it’s all focused on that; it’s all focused on improving their situation, but still having that driving force as a planner for problem solving and as an individual – putting people you care about first. It was really a good transition and it’s been a great fit since the day that I joined.”

On how he prepared for the transition to a different industry and the plan going into making that move: “I come from a family of business owners. Being in a large business myself growing up, I’ve always had that good business acumen. With my transition, that was probably the thing I was least worried about. Most people in the world can learn how to read a PNL, read an operating statement, but what you do today is ultimately what helps your client in the long run. It may not pay you or your business for months until things come to fruition. It’s always about putting that client first, making sure that it’s transitioning correctly and it takes time to really learn through what that structure is. It’s not like retail where something goes to the cash register (and becomes) a sale. Understanding that transition and that it is an ever-changing industry, it’s crucial in your own development to make sure that you are equipped to help your clients with the best of your ability but, exciting to have that foundation and continue to grow with it once it’s established.”

On what Julian is doing to continue learning and growing and who he turns to for advice:

“As far as comradery and resources in the industry, it’s second to none. I still recall going to our first symposium where I met these guys and we all kind of joined our own collaborative work group as second-generation planners coming through the business. I’m in an industry now where you’re appreciated for what you do for your clients, your own team and for each other. It is a completely different atmosphere and type of network. If you value developing yourself, you’ll find positives in everyone you encounter.

Julian’s one piece of advice he would offer to someone making this their career choice:

I would say the one piece of advice I would want to give to someone joining this career is to be humble. You’ve got to be willing to learn and never turn down the opportunity for someone trying to help you or trying to train you. Everyone has positives if you look for them, within their methodology, especially if they have experience in an industry. You’ve got to be ever-changing and constantly trying new things. Because, we have to change with the industry. We have to be the best for our clients. For me, I would say my number one piece of advice is to be humble and have that willingness to learn.

To listen to the full podcast with Julian Grubbs, click Here