Regina Beatty: 5 Things To Look For When Hiring a Financial Planner
July 29, 2021

Here is an excerpt from Regina Beatty’s appearance in Authority Magazine. She discusses the five most important things to identify before committing to a financial professional. What goes into the decision-making process when selecting a planner and how does that determine if the person is the correct fit for you and your family?

When asked if your loved one wanted to hire a financial planner, which five things would you advise them to find out about before committing? Regina gave her top five things she would advise a loved one to consider before committing to a financial planner. 

Regina Beatty:

  • I would advise a loved one to work with someone who wants to get to know YOU, rather than spend most of the first meeting talking about themselves.

All of the five points I mentioned should tie together to determine if the planner is a good fit for you and your family. Remember, the first meeting is NOT to buy or invest anything. It is a mutual discovery to determine what it looks like to work together, the costs involved and ultimately whether you can see the planner as a trusted member of your advisory team.

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