Customer Service Week
October 8, 2019

The theme for this year’s Customer Service Week is the ‘Magic of Service’, something that Heritage Financial Consultants has been committed to for the past 20 years.

The theme recognizes that good service is magical. It can turn an unhappy customer into a satisfied long-term customer, and can turn any customer into your biggest fan and advocate.

The Heritage Difference, and our firm’s belief system, is consistent with this theme. We define ourselves by our ability to view each relationship as entirely individual. When we meet with our customers, we don’t enter the relationship with an endgame in mind. We like to become acquainted first.

Even upon our first encounters, you will notice a difference. We never rush to a solution; our initial meetings will center on getting to know your existing situation and what you wish to accomplish going forward. You will not find us making presentations and pitches about why our firm is the best. Instead, you will experience, through our actions and out time-proven planning process, that we seek first to learn, only making recommendations once our body of knowledge regarding you is sufficient enough to build a platform for your future endeavors.

We take price in providing a fresh look into your financial situation and providing feedback that is customized to you and your situation, not just the common solution. Our number one job is to provide exceptional customer service to our customers and allow them to feel confident in their choice of a Financial Planner.

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